How to Purchase the Right Fish Tank for Your Pet Fish

For the soon-to-be owner of the home aquarium who has little to no education regarding fish and equipment that might be needed, it might be wish to do some reading before purchasing. Prior to the purchase of fish tanks or aquariums, one certainly should have some idea of what type of fish will be taking up their abode in this quarters. It could prove to be a costly mistake otherwise. Will the fish you decide upon have adequate space or perhaps too much space? These are points to be considered carefully. Once you have clarified this issue, you can move forward.


The next consideration in your new venture might be how much living space can you afford to give up for this new addition. Certainly not only must you account for the wall space needed but depth into the room as well as there needs to be space in the back of fish tanks to accommodate the filter, hoses and power cords. Once again, literature can be essential in this entire process. While aquariums are pleasant to the eye and soothing to the spirit, it is not an easy undertaking.


You might pose the question to yourself regarding the long term commitment to this hobby. Is it just a whim to be discontinued after a short time or the long haul relationship? This might help you in deciding how much you plan to spend on fish tanks. There is unlimited amounts to be spent in this leisure activity so plan accordingly before you make that visit to the pet shop where you might be easily persuaded to over-spend. Be realistic!


Obviously, there will need to be many other accessories to be added to your aquarium/fish tank. Seek the advice of an authority or knowledgeable sales person when you go to select your fish tank. They can guide you so long as they are aware of your specific needs and budget. One particular essential will be a stand for your aquarium/fish tank. These are from basic to the most elaborate. In the higher end of the expenditure list, one might even consider having the tank actually set into a wall which is most unique in design. This would certainly qualify for the open-ended budget without restraint.


Allow time for the setting-up process of getting your fish tank ready for its new occupants. There are several steps to be followed in this endeavor but can prove quite worthwhile in the end. Just to have the pleasure of sitting in front of your very own fish tank and watching the fish as they swim so effortlessly. It is thought that merely watching can have a calming effect on the human body even to the lowering of stress levels.

When you are waiting to find out if your aquarium had any leaks or not you can start pre-treating gallons of tap water in jugs with water conditioner. One thing I do to speed up the process is add bacteria supplement to the water also, to get the perfect mixture ratio make sure to pay attention to the instructions on the bottle of water conditioner.

Next you can start adding gravel, make sure that you rinse the gravel very good. Since the tank is still empty you can start putting in the gravel and decorations. It is very important to make sure that everything that you put into your fish tank is washed well, as it only takes a little bit of dish soap to kill fish.

Start setting up the filter pump and the heating pump. Add the water solution from the jugs that you already pre-mixed, fill the tank up to about an inch from the top. Put the overhead lamp on if you have one and turn on the heater and the filter pump, you now want to be patient and let the water cycle for a week at the minimum.

After a week of the water cycling you can add a few starter fish, this will help the conditions for future fish a lot better. Once you select a couple of starter fish, keep a close eye on them. I would not recommend added any more fish into the tank for about 4 to 6 weeks.